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mRo KitCAN mRo KitCAN

The mRo KitCAN features a powerful kit of hardware+firmware via CAN that tackles most of the robotic applications out there.

Our Price: $79.90
mRo CAN Node F303 mRo CAN Node F303

Convert any legacy GPS/Compass device supported by Ardupilot to CAN, for a robust and simplified long-distance data tramission.

Our Price: $80.90
mRo Location One GPS w/ Compass and Barometer mRo Location One GPS w/ Compass and Barometer

The mRo Location One is a multi-constellation GNSS powered by the new uBlox M9N module. Contains RM3100 magnetic compass, RGB Status LED, and push "Arm" safety button. Designed for all UAVCAN compatible platforms.

Our Price: $136.90