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Pitot tube set mRo I2C Airspeed Sensor JST-GH MS4525DO mRo Next-Gen MS5525 Airspeed Sensor
Pitot tube set
Our Price: $11.90
Pitot tube replacement set. These items are used in combination with a differential pressure sensor to sense airspeed. Level voltage fixed!

The mRo Classic Digital airspeed sensor is equipped with a Measurement Specialties 4525DO sensor.
The MS5525 is a new generation of a digital differential pressure sensor that is faster, more accurate and comes with temperature compensation. No more to say!
mRo KitCAN M10025
mRo KitCAN M10025
Our Price: $74.90
[Designed & Assembled in California]

mRo AP_Peripheral / CAN Converter / RM3100 / DSP310

About the price: It is "expensive" because half of the price goes to the solid RM3100 Compass. But after you test it, you won't go back.

The mRo KItCAN is a powerful kit of features+firmware via CAN that tackles most of the robotic applications out there. With just 4-wires [CAN] you can cleanly have access to the most powerful magnetometer available today, the best Barometric pressure sensor we ever used, GPS+I2C ports that supports all legacy uBlox GPS sensors and a firmware that supports our MS5525 Airspeed Sensor (via I2C). If that is not enough it also includes an RGB LED and Arm Switch/Button.

The idea is to allow the system integrator to mount all the sensors as far as possible -usually in the front of the fuselage or the tip of the wing- and run a single CAN cable to autopilot for a clean and robust setup. Or it can all be mounted together as follows:

On mission planner set the following params:

CAN_P2 _DRIVER - > 1

Connect your KitCAN to your controller via CAN and Restart.

NTF_LED_TYPE -> UAVCAN (Only if you want RGB enabled)

If you want to enable the airspeed, on the autopilot/controller parameters via mission planner set:


Then access your KitCAN parameters this way via mission planner:

Mission Planner->Initial Setup->Optional Hardware->UAVCAN-> SLCan Mode CAN1 (or 2) -> Parameters

1 min later inside the CAN Parameters change the following:


Write and restart everything! Enjoy.

*Remember that mRo X2.1 has the CAN signal H and L crossover.

STM32F303 ARM Microcontroller

Distances between holes (center to center): 14mm x 31.5mm
Holes diameter: 3.2mm